3 Modeling and Simulation of Organic Photovoltaic Cells

Guangyong Li, Liming Liu and Fanan Wei


3.1 Introduction

3.2 Fundamentals of Organic Photovoltaic Cells

3.3 Optical Modeling

3.4 Electrical Modeling and Simulation by Drift-Diffusion Model

3.4 Electrical Modeling and Simulation by Monte Carlo Model

3.5 Discussion and Conclusion


3.1 Introduction

Organic photovoltaic cells have great potential to enable mass production with extremely low cost. The power conversion efficiency of organic photovoltaic cells has improved rapidly in the past few years, exceeding 5% in 2005 [1,2] and 9.8% in 2012 [3]. But it is still low compared to other traditional solar cells. The relatively low efficiency is rooted in the low dielectric ...

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