© Leon Starr, Andrew Mangogna and Stephen Mellor 2017

Leon Starr, Andrew Mangogna and Stephen Mellor, Models to Code, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2217-1_7

7. Sensor and Actuator Service Domain

Leon Starr, Andrew Mangogna2 and Stephen Mellor1

(1)San Francisco, California, USA

(2)Nipomo, California, USA

In the previous chapter, we presented the Lubrication domain, which is part of an Automatic Lubrication System (ALS). The Lubrication domain delegates to a Signal I/O (SIO) domain controlling and obtaining the necessary data about the lubricated machinery. In this chapter, we describe the SIO domain and show how sensing and control over the external world is accomplished.

From the point of view of the whole ALS, we are producing side effects in the outside world. ...

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