Creating the project

Create a folder for the project and create a C++ file called email_parser.cpp. Since this application will read files and process strings, add includes for the appropriate libraries and add code to take the name of a file from the command-line:

    #include <iostream>     #include <fstream>     #include <string>     using namespace std;     void usage()     {         cout << "usage: email_parser file" << "n";         cout << "where file is the path to a file" << "n";     }     int main(int argc, char *argv[])     {         if (argc <= 1)         {             usage();             return 1;         }         ifstream stm;[1], ios_base::in);         if (!stm.is_open())         {             usage();             cout << "cannot open " << argv[1] << "n";             return 1;         }         return 0;     }

A header will have a name and a body. The body could ...

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