f 1. Letter symbol for femto (10–15). 2. Symbol for focal length, frequency.

F 1. Symbol for filament, fuse. 2. Abbreviation for Fahrenheit. 3. Letter symbol for farad.

F — (F-minus or F-negative) See A– (A-minus or A-negative).

F+ (F-plus or F-positive) See A+ (A-plus or A-positive).

fA Letter symbol for femtoampere (10–15 ampere).

fabrication holes See pilot holes.

fabrication tolerance In the construction or assembly of an equipment or portion of an equipment, the maximum variation in the characteristics of a part that, considering the defined variations of the other parts in the equipment, will permit the equipment to operate within specified performance limits.

Fabry-Perot interferometer A resonant cavity bounded by two end mirrors ...

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