Glossary of Optical Design Terms

The following is a glossary of terms common to (and peculiar to) the field of lens design. A new lens designer might well profit from a thorough perusal of this list, since the jargon of lens design may differ from that of physics or even basic optics.

Abbe V-number The reciprocal relative dispersion of an optical material. For visual work V = (nd − 1)/(nFnC), where d, F, and C indicate the Fraunhofer wavelengths—0.5876, 0.4861, and 0.6563 μm. Often called V-value or v-value.

Abbe sine condition A condition where magnification is constant across the aperture and coma near the axis is zero. Paraxial magnification (m = u/u′) and trigonometric magnification (M = sin U/sin U′) should be equal, so that (u′ · sin ...

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