Modern Web Development with IBM® WebSphere®: Developing, Deploying, and Managing Mobile and Multi-Platform Apps

Book description

Build Tomorrow’s Best Mobile/Web Applications with IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.5 and IBM Worklight

This guide presents a coherent strategy for building modern mobile/web applications that are fast, responsive, interactive, reusable, maintainable, extensible, and a pleasure to use. Four IBM experts offer practical, hands-on coverage of front-end development with IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.5, IBM Worklight, and today’s most popular open source frameworks.

Using well-crafted examples, the authors introduce best practices for MobileFirst development, helping you create apps that work superbly on mobile devices and add features on conventional browsers. Throughout, you’ll learn better ways to deliver Web 2.0 apps with HTML /JavaScript front ends, RESTful Web Services, and persistent data. Proven by IBM and its customers, the approach covered in this book leads to more successful mobile/web applications—and more effective development teams.

Coverage Includes
• Developing for MobileFirst: moving from “graceful degradation” to “progressive enhancement”
• Quickly delivering lightweight JEE apps with WebSphere Application Server’s new Liberty Profile
• Implementing an agile, user-centered, page-oriented approach to design
• Constructing REST services with WebSphere Liberty, Eclipse, and JEE annotations
• Building better front-end application architectures with frameworks and JavaScript
• Designing and building complex, transactional RESTful services that interface with databases and other data sources
• Building IBM Worklight hybrid apps with open source frameworks: jQuery Mobile, Backbone, Require.js, and Handlebars
• Debugging cross-platform, multi-language modern web apps
• Promoting scalability, security, and connectivity into the wider enterprise

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Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents-at-a-Glance
  6. Contents
  7. Preface
    1. Revamped IBM developerWorks Series
    2. How This Book Is Organized
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. About the Authors
  10. Chapter 1. The Modern Web
    1. How the Web Has Changed
    2. The Mobile Effect
    3. The Convergence of Desktop Web and Mobile: Multichannel Development
    4. REST and Web APIs
    5. IBM WebSphere and IBM Worklight
    6. The Process of Building Modern Web Applications
    7. Introducing User-Centered Design
    8. Summary
    9. Endnotes
  11. Chapter 2. WAS and the Liberty Profile
    1. How We Got Here
    2. What Is Liberty?
    3. Deploying the Example Using the Liberty Profile
    4. Summary
    5. Endnotes
  12. Chapter 3. Design
    1. Agile UI Design Process
    2. More on User Centric Design
    3. UI Design Example
    4. Summary
  13. Chapter 4. REST Web Services in WebSphere Liberty
    1. What Is REST?
    2. The Pieces of a RESTFul Web Service
    3. Introducing JAX-RS
    4. More JAX-RS Annotations
    5. JAXB and More Interesting XML-Based Web Services
    6. JSON Serialization
    7. More on Content Negotiation
    8. RESTful SOA
    9. Summary
    10. Endnotes
  14. Chapter 5. Application Architecture on the Glass
    1. Why Well-Designed Applications Matter
    2. Defining a Client-Side Architecture
    3. Responsive Design
    4. Client-Side Architecture
    5. Introduction to the Dojo Toolkit
    6. Why Use Dojo
    7. Asynchronous Module Definition
    8. Future of Dojo
    9. Using Dojo in Your Application
    10. Creating Your Own Widgets
    11. Building the Application
    12. Summary
  15. Chapter 6. Designing and Building RESTful Applications with Modern Java EE
    1. Modern Java EE
    2. Application Architecture for Modern RESTful Systems
    3. Building the Application
    4. A Discussion on Choices
    5. Summary
  16. Chapter 7. Introduction to IBM Worklight
    1. What Is IBM Worklight?
    2. Elements of IBM Worklight
    3. The IBM Worklight Product Family
    4. Developing with IBM Worklight
    5. IBM Worklight Deployment Architecture
    6. IBM Worklight Server Architecture
    7. The Structure of a Worklight Application
    8. What This Means for You
    9. Summary
  17. Chapter 8. Building a Worklight Hybrid App with Open Source Frameworks
    1. Design for the Hybrid Application
    2. Overview of Frameworks
    3. Building a Hybrid App with Worklight
    4. Summary
  18. Chapter 9. Testing and Debugging
    1. HTML
    2. JavaScript
    3. Unit Testing
    4. The Browser as a Test Platform
    5. IBM Worklight Specific Concerns
    6. Remote Debugging
    7. Summary
  19. Chapter 10. Advanced Topics
    1. Understanding Where Your Application Fits
    2. Achieving Reliability Through Clustering
    3. Versioning
    4. Mechanisms for Improving Performance
    5. Security Issues for Modern Web Applications
    6. Summary
    7. Endnotes
  20. Chapter 11. Key Takeaways of Modern Web Development
    1. The Engaging Enterprise
    2. Summary
    3. Endnote
  21. Appendix A. Installation Instructions
    1. Development Machine Installation
    2. Optional Development Tooling for Mobile Web Apps
    3. Server Installation
    4. Downloading and Installing Example Source Code
    5. Summary
  22. Index
  23. Inside Back Cover

Product information

  • Title: Modern Web Development with IBM® WebSphere®: Developing, Deploying, and Managing Mobile and Multi-Platform Apps
  • Author(s): Kyle Brown, Roland Barcia, Karl Bishop, Matthew Perrins
  • Release date: June 2014
  • Publisher(s): IBM Press
  • ISBN: 9780133067064