Creating ImagesInc_Utilites module

Since a utilities module is a good place to implement our object cloning code, let's create our ImagesInc_Utilites module as follows:

var ImagesInc_Utilitizes = (function(){ var clone = function clone(deep) { // create an instance of the object var newClonedObj = new this.constructor(); //copy all properties from the original object for (var property in this){ // if deep flag is not set, just do a shallow copy of properties if (!deep){ if(this.hasOwnProperty(property)){ newClonedObj[property] = this[property]; } // to make a deep copy, call the function recursively }else if (typeof this[property] == 'object' && this.hasOwnProperty(property)){ newClonedObj[property] = this[property].clone(deep); }else if(this.hasOwnProperty(property)){ ...

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