CHAPTER 7Product Profitability Monetization Strategy: A Case Study

In this chapter we will cover an example of Monetization Strategies related to product profitability. If this strategy does not fit your organization or situation, following are several monetization strategies that may spur thoughts on how you can develop custom strategies for your organization.

  • Pricing strategy
  • Cost opportunity
  • Yield strategies
  • Revenue lift
  • Marketing investment
  • Cross-sell/up-sell
  • Inventory management
  • Retention/churn
  • Asset utilization
  • Fleet management
  • Customer acquisition
  • Big data/social analytics
  • Channel strategy


The example for this case study will be the fictional Edison Furniture company. Edison Furniture is a 75-year-old, highly respected office furniture supplier. It is the market leader in terms of quality, volume, and revenue. While there is a fashion veneer to office furniture design that changes with the times, at its core it is a utility, almost commoditized business. High-end, niche players have carved out space for businesses desiring an “exciting, innovative” edge for their employee workspace. However, Edison Furniture is the undisputed supplier of choice for Fortune 500 companies that office 17 percent of the workplaces in the United States.

In order to defend its leading market position, Edison Furniture offers configurable options for its core product items, such as color, size, and accent styles like desk-drawer handles. For this case study we will focus on a standard ...

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