Case Study: Michael Andrews Bespoke

In this case study we review the company, Michael Andrews Bespoke (MAB), sales strategy, and monetization opportunities using our Decision Architecture methodology to illustrate the application of these methods in an actual business context. MAB has a business objective to grow revenue by 10 percent and has hired you to create a monetization strategy that they can execute to achieve this goal.

We begin with the Discovery phase of our Decision Architecture methodology.


Michael Andrews Bespoke (MAB) is a New York City–based custom couturier founded with the goal of crafting fine tailoring for discriminating clients. They accomplish this through designing, customizing, and producing quality men's professional clothing using the best fabrics with the height of style. MAB's clients value quality and service. MAB's stylists are experts at meeting the uniquely high standards of each client, one at time.

Growing Revenue

MAB's business is focused on a high-end niche segment with few of the price pressures typical of mass fashion markets. Delivering high-quality products with excellent service is table-stakes if the business is to survive. Clients of custom clothing place a high value on quality, design, and fashion and are willing to invest when they find a provider meeting their exacting needs. With a business model that is highly personal and differentiated, profitability is not the primary challenge as in most of fashion retail. Rather ...

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