Getting ready

Assuming that you are already running a MongoDB server, we will be importing a dataset of around 100,000 records available in the form of a CSV file called chapter_2_mock_data.csv. You can download this file from the Packt website.

  1. Import the sample data to the MongoDB server:
$mongoimport --headerline --ignoreBlanks --type=csv -d mydb -c mockdata -h localhost chapter_2_mock_data.csv

You should see output like this:

2017-06-18T08:25:08.444+0530    connected to: localhost2017-06-18T08:25:09.498+0530 imported 100000 documents
  1. Connect to the MongoDB instance and open a mongo shell:
mongo localhost:27017
  1. Check that the documents are in the right place:
use mydbdb.mockdata.count()

You should see the following result:


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