Section 6: Extending Mongrel

6.1 Mongrel’s Architecture

6.2 Handlers

6.3 Filters

6.4 Distributing Your Plugins as RubyGems

6.5 Commands

6.6 Handlers as GemPlugins

6.7 Advanced Handlers

6.8 Finding More Plugins

It is surprisingly trivial to extend Mongrel to suit your own needs. You can write your own commands, request handlers, filters, and quickly configure them as needed. Unlike other systems, though, you don’t have to know anything mentioned in this section to use Mongrel. All of this information is “behind the dirty curtain” and only for the very adventurous types who need it.

It’s possible to have your first handler up and running in about ten minutes, and fairly extensive plugins can be written within hours or days. It’s not as nice as ...

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