Section 2

[1] By “mostly” we mean it uses some Ruby C extensions to handle the URI parsing, but otherwise it is all Ruby.

Section 4

[2] This configuration is based on work by Ezra Zygmunowicz and has been used with permission.

Section 5

[3] This isn’t a dig on Windows, it’s just a reality of Ruby and how it runs on Windows.

[4] I worked at a government agency that said HTTPS+XML was not secure, but that SOAP was, and used telnet to manage important records based on system administrators setting policies. If the irony is not obvious (lucky you, you’ve never had to deal with SOAP), SOAP is HTTP(S)+XML, and telnet sends in cleartext.

[5] Cover Your Ass

[6] One interesting thing to try in a heterogenous environment is the NetBSD pkgsrc. ...

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