Monolithic Transformation

Book description

If your company is looking to create new business models through digital transformation, this practical ebook will help get you started. High-powered tech companies and traditional enterprises have dramatically improved business processes through cloud-native technologies and product-centric software techniques, enabling them to react to market changes much faster. Michael Coté from Pivotal explores the strategies and tactics you need to transform your in-house software creation capabilities.

Putting the technology in place is relatively easy. The real challenge is changing your organization’s culture to take advantage of the technology. Using case studies from enterprises that have suffered through and ultimately benefited from this transformation, this ebook examines the best and worst practices for making the change. You’ll learn what it takes to make your company lean, quick, and profitable.

With case studies from Duke Energy, Dick's Sporting Goods, the Internal Revenue Service, and Rabobank, this ebook examines the digital transformation process in two parts:

  • Part I: Fostering change—examine the principles of small-batch thinking, user-centric design, and shifting from functional teams to product teams

  • Part II: Cloud-native cookbook for leadership—apply those principles across your organization, from creating and communicating your strategy through building your pipeline and choosing the right cloud platform

Table of contents

  1. Introduction: Why Change?
  2. 1. Fostering Change
    1. Small-Batch Thinking
    2. Shift to User-Centric Design
    3. From Functional Teams to Product Teams
      1. Product Teams3
      2. Pairing Roles
    4. Case Study: No One Wants to Call the IRS
    5. Transforming Is Easy...Right?
  3. 2. Leadership’s Cloud-Native Cookbook
    1. Establishing a Vision and Strategy
      1. Use Vision to Set Your Goals and Inspiration
      2. Create an Actionable Strategy
      3. Keep Your Strategy Agile
    2. Communicating the Vision and Strategy
      1. Use Internal Channels
      2. Show Your Strategy in Action
      3. Gather Feedback
      4. Create a Manifesto
    3. Creating a Culture of Change, Continuous Learning, and Comfort
      1. What Even Is Culture?
      2. The Core Values of Product Culture
      3. Monitoring Culture Change
      4. Giving Feedback
    4. Building Your Business Case
      1. The Business Case
      2. The Ongoing Business Case
      3. Gated Funding as a Defensive Tactic
    5. Considering the Enterprise Architect
      1. Gardening the Organization
      2. The Shifting yet Never-Changing Role of the EA
    6. Tackling a Series of Small Projects
      1. Choosing Projects
      2. Picking Projects by Portfolio Pondering
      3. Planning Out the Initial Project
    7. Assemble the Right Team
      1. Volunteers
      2. Rotating Teams to Spread Digital Transformation
      3. A Note on Labs and Legacy Organizations
    8. Building Trust with Internal Marketing, Large and Small
      1. Beyond Newsletters
      2. Fostering Trust
      3. Winning Over Process Stakeholders
      4. The Next Step: Training by Doing
    9. Tracking Your Improvement with Metrics
      1. Monitoring
      2. Six Common Cloud-Native Metrics
      3. Business Value
      4. Fleshing Out Metrics
      5. Metrics’ Utility
    10. Tending to Compliance and Regulation
      1. But First, What Exactly Is “Compliance”?
      2. Compliance Unchained
      3. Minimal Viable Compliance
      4. Transform Compliance
      5. Improving Compliance
    11. Building Your Pipeline and Choosing Your Platform
      1. The Build Pipeline
      2. You’re Gonna Need a Platform
    12. Own Your Role

Product information

  • Title: Monolithic Transformation
  • Author(s): Michael Cote
  • Release date: April 2019
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781492049791