Chapter 5

Adding Content to Your Course: Resources

In This Chapter

  • Enriching your Moodle course by adding resources
  • Adding content and files (including multimedia) to your Moodle course
  • Using Web-editing tools to compose Web pages
  • Embedding and editing graphics with the Moodle graphic tool
  • Creating directories for your content

After you become familiar with the layout of Moodle and the flexibility of the front page and blocks (discussed in Part I), you're ready to start building your course. Most likely you have an idea of what you want to teach (after all, you are the content expert), and you have an outline or syllabus of how you structure your information and knowledge for teaching specific subjects. With that knowledge, you can start adding content to support your learning methods and learning goals, which I show you in this chapter. (If you aren't sure where to start, review Chapter 2, which gives you guidance on how to design great Moodle courses.)

image You access the Moodle editing tools to change the appearance of and add functionality to your class. I describe the editing tools in Chapter 3, and they're also listed on the book's Cheat Sheet at (See the inside front cover for more details on the Cheat Sheet.)

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