Good Practice Guide and Etiquette Tips: Moodle Chat, Forum, and Blog

Good practice and basic etiquette is often taken for granted. Effectively interacting on the Internet through comments, chats, e-mail messages, and blog posts require skills that are becoming second nature with many learners. Unfortunately, far too often, basic courteous interactions are taken for granted. As a trainer, educator, and facilitator, it is important that you guide your learners in properly using chats, forums, and blogs, and set some boundaries so that using these tools becomes good learning experiences for everyone involved. The sections here provide good practice guidelines and basic etiquette tips you may find useful to discuss with your learners. Note: This list is by no means exhaustive; it's just a start. Find more by searching various education and corporate Web sites that create and publish etiquette tips related to online courses.

Good practice guide for successful Chat sessions

Learners should try to follow these suggested guidelines when engaging in a Chat session:

  • Be civil and try not to be judgmental. Do not attack anyone personally. Always try to be courteous, even if you are annoyed with statements or questions. Remember, chats are saved in Moodle; instructors and learners (if Chat history is enabled) will have access to the content from chat sessions. Text can be copied and saved.
  • Avoid using all uppercase letters, which usually indicates SHOUTING. Using a combination of upper- and ...

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