Creating Quiz Questions

After you've finished setting up the quiz body, as described in the preceding section, you're ready to start adding questions to your quiz. Before you can add questions, you need to set up your question categories and then the question bank. Be sure to start by setting up categories in which to organize your questions even if you're just playing around. Over time, the categories will help you find specific questions to add to your quizzes, tests, and worksheets.

Setting up categories

Think of a question category as a folder you have set up on your computer. When creating questions, you can store them in these categories similar to the way you store files in your folders. You can set up subcategories as your question bank grows.

Setting up categories is purely for you to keep a potentially very large bank of questions organized, making it easier to search when adding the questions to your worksheets, quizzes, or tests. Each category must have a name, and you can include a short description. You can create a hierarchy and specify a parent category for each set of questions. This enables you to separate categories into categories, subcategories, sub-subcategories, and so on.

Before beginning, think of a naming convention that's intuitive to your courses and topics. You can set up categories any which way that works for you. For example, you name a Parent category Chemistry 101, and subcategories by theme: Science of Chemistry, Matter and Energy, Atomic Structure ...

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