Joke: A poor Jew lived in the shtetl in nineteenth-century Russia. A Cossack comes up to him on horseback.

"What are you feeding that chicken?" asks the Cossack.

"Just some bread crumbs," replies the Jew.

"How dare you feed a fine Russian chicken such lowly food!" says the Cossack, and hits the Jew with a stick.

The next day, the Cossack comes back. "Now what are you feeding that chicken?" ask the Jew.

"Well, I give him three courses. There's freshly cut grass, fine sturgeon caviar, and a small bowl of heavy cream sprinkled with imported French chocolate truffles for dessert."

"Idiot!" says the Cossack, beating the Jew with a stick. "How dare you waste good food on a lowly chicken!" ...

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