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More Lies About Learning

Book Description

How many more lies can there be? Prepare to be intrigued—and maybe a little outraged. In this captivating follow-up to Lies About Learning (2006), workplace learning veteran Larry Israelite sets out to debunk today’s pervasive myths about learning in a style that will make you smile. This book shares the candid perspectives of 10 high-level executives from a wide range of industries and offers advice for how to best to deal with new lies about organizational learning. You’ll walk away with the ammunition you need to start asking tough questions, kicking the right tires, and maintaining a healthy level of skepticism about what you read and hear about organizational learning today. In this book you will: · Explore all new variations of the old lies about learning · Delve into myths about learning research, learning management systems and strategies, and learning technology · Discover solutions, suggestions, and tips to deliver meaningful development experiences for your organization.