Creating a Calendar Entry in Calendar

Calendar is an app available on your Xoom that helps you coordinate events, make notes about appointments, set reminders, and perform related calendar tasks. One of its most notable features is that it's connected to your Gmail account, which means it is easily integrated with other apps on Xoom. Try it! From any computer, access your online Google Calendar and input an event. Open Calendar on your Xoom, and it'll be there!

Following are some additional reasons to use Calendar:

  • Syncing—Input events on your Xoom, and they'll be synced with any other Google-compatible device you use, including Google Calendar on your PC or Mac, or Google Calendar apps on your smartphone. You can sync to compatible programs, too, such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, and Mozilla Sunbird.
  • Reminders—Configure reminders for birthdays, events, appointments, and anniversaries. You can set these reminders to repeat, for instance, to have a reminder appear 2 days before your wedding anniversary from now on, every year, on every Google-enabled device you own (until you get divorced).
  • Sharing—Easily share your calendar with others, which is a lot better than trying to post your schedule on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social space.
  • RSVPs—Create events and invite people to join, and follow their RSVPs to keep track of who has responded and their participation.
  • Work Offline—Access your calendar even when you aren't online. You can also create events. The calendar will ...

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