Customizing the Screen

You can move around the widgets and apps on a single screen, move them to different screens, change the wallpaper that's shown on your screens, and even add or delete widgets from screens easily. You do this from the Customization window on the Xoom or from any screen that contains apps or widgets. These actions are not just aesthetic though; personalizing the screens can make the things you use most often easily accessible and organized. For instance, you may want to move all your news, traffic, and weather apps to a secondary Home screen, while keeping Gmail, Email, Books, Market, and Browser on the main one. One of the first things you need to do is to add widgets you think you might use often and delete the ones you know you won't.

I ALREADY HAVE SOME THIRD-PARTY APPS; YOU MIGHT, TOO The screen shots in this chapter include some third-party apps I've already acquired, including Audible and Amazon Kindle. You may have already acquired apps, too. All apps are listed together under the Open Apps icon, so what you see here and what you see on your Xoom will likely slightly differ.


Although you haven't yet had a lot of experience with the apps available to you, especially the ones under the Open Apps icon, you may already have some idea of the apps you'll likely use the most. For instance, you may already know you want to have easy access to the Email app or the Settings app, and you're already sure you won't want to tap the Open ...

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