Transferring Music to the Xoom

You learned how to copy some music files in Chapter 3 (“How Do I Make the Motorola Xoom Uniquely Mine?”) using the dragging and dropping technique. The note that follows recaps how to do this. This technique works effectively only if the music you have on your computer is of a compatible file type. If you have music files that aren't compatible, you need to convert them to a type that is, and you likely need a third-party program to help you.

If you haven't copied any music, you may simply suspect that your already problematic files will continue to cause difficulties. Files that you listen to using a subscription service that play only on a device like an outdated Zune, and files that you play on your iPod or audiobook files that play only if you burn them to CDs, will likely still be problematic. If you encounter these problems, you may obtain a third-party app (such as Audible for listening to Audible audio files), but if not, you need to convert the files to a compatible format.

Although your Xoom can play audio file types not listed here, following are the file types you'll most likely encounter when transferring audio from your computer to your Xoom:

  • AAC—Advanced Audio Coding, a technique for compressing digital audio files, and officially part of the MPEG-4 standard. You may have AAC files on your computer now.
  • AMR—Adaptive Multi-Rate, a technique used for compressing digital audio files. Most of the time, this format is used for speech recording ...

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