Now that you've set your goals and made a plan, it's time to get to work. This is the focus of stage 2: ‘Do the work’. This is where you action your plans.

There are a few ways you can put your plans, goals and objectives in action before making them sustainable. There are three areas I'll focus on: PERMA™, creating healthy habits for life and resilience.

As you go about establishing a new pattern of behaviour, the part of your brain that wants to detect potential threats and ways to conserve energy will be activated. Don't be surprised if you experience fear and discomfort as you journey into the unknown, and don't give in to the negative emotion. You're safe — you can do this!

Remember to reward yourself for every small victory on the path to your goal. Be the encouraging parent who cheers on their toddler with every shaky step. Reward yourself in a more significant way when you finally achieve your goal, and you'll strengthen the new habit by helping your brain to associate habit building with joy and satisfaction. Brains like to repeat behaviour associated with pleasure and satisfaction!

It takes daily persistence to make or break a habit. But regular practice doesn't have to drain you. As little as five minutes is enough to allow a new pattern to set in your brain and body. Be warned: if you push yourself too hard, too soon, you're more likely to become overwhelmed and fall off the bandwagon. It's great to have good intentions, all the ...

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