Making a sustained change to your mental health means a lot of things: dealing with major issues as they arise, raising self-awareness, helping others, and improving your performance and quality of life on a daily basis. While it's a lot to take in, these standards of living are achievable.

In stage 3, we explore how you can build repeatable behaviour change, and tools to help you take action. This stage is broken down into three areas designed to help you monitor your mental health over time — observation, facing fears and building happiness — each with worksheets to fill out or print off when you need them. This is about circling back and fine-tuning everything you've learned and set out to achieve for the future.

More important than learning the changes is practising and applying the tools over the long term. By constantly checking in, reviewing and repeating your foundation principles, you'll be able to keep going and give yourself powerful ownership of your mental health. As you know, repetition over time builds strong, healthy habits. So don't let all your good work go to waste!

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