Chapter 2Concrete OutcomesStop Admiring the Problem and Define Some Specific Actions

You know what you want, and you want your team to do it. You have made the goals clear, and now you are expecting your team to work it out and get it done.

But now somehow there seems to be a stall before you even get started.

You are getting frustrated because your organization does not seem to be moving forward in the new direction even though they all agreed how important it is, and were brought in and even excited about it.

You are beginning to feel that your team is not strategic enough or not taking enough accountability. They are not leading. They are not taking action. They are waiting for more specific operational direction from you, yet you are expecting them to provide that operational direction.

What Everyone Is Thinking

This strategy sounds great, but I haven't heard what the new initiatives or priorities are yet. I'm not sure how we are going to achieve this strategy. I haven't been given any different performance objectives. And I haven't been given more resources. It seems that there are a bunch of decisions that executive management still needs to make. And I am fully booked already with current stuff. I'm happy to support the strategy. I'll support it when I know what I'm supposed to do.

Simply telling people what is important will not cause the organization to start doing what is important.

What Happens in the Middle, Exactly?

This is one of the most interesting things ...

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