Chapter 7Sponsors and EnemiesReduce Your Personal Risk

Support and Sabotage

Before we go in to the rest of the model, it's important to make sure that another thing you are very clear about through the long “middle” is your support and sponsorship—and possible enemies.

Yes, you need your team to be ready, motivated, and capable to move your transformation forward, but you also need to be aware that without sponsorship, your transformation could die an unnatural and painful death at the hands of others who don't want you to succeed.

I have seen this happen to leaders too many times, and it is a real shame. Here's how it plays out. The leader is brilliant, well liked, and generally well respected. They launch a new strategy or transformation initiative, which they are personally very excited about and invested in. They get their team on board. But then they make the mistake of thinking that only their organization needs to stay informed and involved.

Without the right broad support in place for your transformation above and around your organization, if another group raises an objection, and the executive management has been out of the loop on what you are doing—you will be at risk.

Am I the only one who cares about this?

That is the question. Make sure you are never the only one who cares. Always ask yourself, “Who else cares about this?” If there is no one at an equal or higher level than you who actively cares about what you are doing, there is too much risk. One of the ugly ...

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