Chapter 15Getting People to Actually CareEngagement and Context

As we end Part 2: O = Organization, think about your team and their personal motivation to MOVE.

Once you have the right organization structure, it's important to get people on board and personally motivated to go forward. Even if theoretically all the ropes are tight, if no one wants to start running forward when you release the brake, you'll all just sit there!

What Everyone Is Thinking

I'd like to feel like my work matters more.

If People Don't Care on A Personal Level, They Won't Move

When you are thinking about what it will take to get and keep people moving, it's important to remember that money is not the strongest motivator—meaning is. Don't get me wrong. If you want to change behavior, it certainly doesn't hurt to pay people differently. But if you don't create meaning for people on an individual level, they will not have any personal motivation to move your strategy forward, which is more powerful than money. If you can make people feel that their work is meaningful, you can unlock a tremendous amount of power in your organization.

The Dreaded Mission Statement

Here is where it often goes awry. With all good intentions, management teams who want to create meaning to motivate people to engage decide to put effort into creating a “mission statement.” You are probably already rolling your eyes somewhat if you have PTSD from a past mission statement effort.

The creation of a mission statement can become ...

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