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A. ThornMoving from Unity to Godothttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5908-5_4

4. Making a 2D Game

Alan Thorn1 
High Wycombe, UK

Godot has a truly amazing 2D feature set for quickly and easily building 2D games. These games will normally export smoothly across platforms and run impressively. In this chapter, we’ll explore Godot’s 2D feature set by building a simple yet functional 2D game. Furthermore, we’ll explore ways of working that Godot expects, and which differ from Unity. One of the biggest differences is philosophical, as we’ll see. For example, in Unity, there’s only one type of Scene, namely, a 3D Scene. You can, of course, build 2D games and 2D worlds in Unity. But such worlds are, in truth, just flat objects aligned ...

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