Page numbers followed by f indicates a figure and t indicates a table.

Abekas Video Systems, 20

Accelerated life testing analysis (ALTA), 524525

Acceleration, 443

and compression, 294

Accelerators, 519520

array, 519520

Access fresh data, 485486, 487f

Access time components, 8788

Accessibility, 526533

ACID, see Atomic Consistent

Isolated Durable

Active clustering, 293

Actuator arm, 78

Adaptive bit rate, 252

Advanced Format (AF), 104f, 105f

sector technology, 102106

standards, 105

Advanced Host Controller

Interface (AHCI), 137

Advanced intelligent tape (AIT), 360361

Advanced media protocol, 7071

Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), 398, 541

Advanced metal evaporated (AME), 359

Advanced Optical Disc (AOD) format, 199

Advanced ...

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