A.3. Definition of Levels for Synthetic Profiles

This section describes the MPEG-4 Visual levels for the profiles including only synthetic visual data. Note that the profiles including only texture object types are considered synthetic profiles here because the video texture coding tool was developed by the MPEG SNHC subgroup with the initial target of coding textures to map over 2D and 3D meshes.

Table A.1. Levels for the video profiles
Visual profileLevelTypical visual session sizeMax. number of objects[1]Max. number objects per typeMax. unique quant. tablesMax. VMV buffer size (MB units)[2]Max. VCV buffer size (MB)[3]VCV decoder rate (MB/s)[4]VCV boundary MB decoder rate (MB/s)[5]Max. total VBV buffer size (units of 16,384 bits)Max. VOL VBV ...

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