2.2. An End-to-End Walkthrough

This section explains the high-level workings of the MPEG-4 standard using an end-to-end walkthrough of an MPEG-4 session. Although the MPEG-4 standard is designed to be used in many environments, the way MPEG-4 content is produced, delivered, and consumed often follows the same path. Such a typical path is shown in Figure 2.2, which highlights the main interoperability elements of the MPEG-4 standard as well as their respective position in the chain. While this walkthrough provides a typical scenario, MPEG-4 also can be used in other scenarios that are not covered by the walkthrough in Figure 2.2.

Figure 2.2. Example MPEG-4 end-to-end walkthrough.

At the start of the walkthrough are content authors, who produce ...

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