6.3. XMT Two-Tier Architecture

As mentioned, XMT consists of two levels of textual syntax and semantics: the XMT-Ω format (XMT-O) and the XMT-A format.

XMT-Ω is a high-level abstraction of MPEG-4 tools that was designed based on W3C SMIL [SMIL01], an XML-based language that allows authors to create dynamic, interactive, multimedia presentations. For example a video can be represented simply by <video src="MyVideo.mpeg4"/>, which says that this is a video media object in which the source (src=) for the video is from a location (file) named MyVideo.mpeg4. This is in contrast to MPEG-4 Systems where first an InitialObjectDescriptor is required and then a scene containing several BIFS nodes (including a MovieTexture node) would be created, not forgetting ...

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