Providing Dial-In Access to an MPLS VPN

This section covers two methods of connecting switched calls to an MPLS VPN. The first method is based on VPDN and supports both analogue PSTN and ISDN calls. The second method supports only pure digital calls and is used to terminate ISDN calls directly onto a PE router.

Throughout all our remote access examples in this chapter, we use the addressing as summarized in Table 2-2.

Table 2-2. IP Address Assignment for the SuperCom Network
SuperComSan Jose VHG/PE router (loopback 0)
Management PE router (loopback 0)
San Jose NAS/LAC (loopback 0)
PE-CE interface addresses192.168.2.0/24
Management LAN194.22.16.0/24
RADIUS server host194.22.16.2/32
DHCP ...

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