L2TPv3 Overview

L2TPv3 is the successor to the Cisco proprietary implementation of universal tunnel interface (UTI) for Layer 2 tunneling and implementation of Layer 2 VPNs. L2TPv3 accounts for signaling capabilities that were not implemented in the initial UTI implementations. In addition, L2TPv3 is a standardized implementation, depicted in the L2TPv3 draft draft-ietf-l2tpext-l2tp-base-xx, that defines the control protocol as well as the encapsulation procedures for tunneling multiple Layer 2 connections between two IP connected nodes. This extension to L2TP provides the capabilities to tunnel Layer 2 payloads over L2TP. L2TPv3 provides a scalable solution to deploy multiple Layer 2 VPNs over existing IP infrastructure and is emerging as the ...

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