Case Study 6: Implementing Class-Based Tunnel Selection with MPLS Traffic Engineering

Figure 14-38 shows an SP network, consisting of PE Routers PE1-AS1 and PE2-AS1 and provider core Routers P1-AS1, P2-AS1, and P3-AS1, providing MPLS VPN services to Customer A Sites 1 and 2.

Figure 14-38. Case Study 6: Topology

The SP wants to implement traffic engineering (TE) in conjunction with MPLS VPN matching the following paths:

  • Higher priority traffic (real-time MPLS EXP=5) follows the path via P1-AS1.

  • EXP=4 and EXP=3 follow the path via P2-AS1.

  • All other EXP-based traffic will follow the path via P3-AS1.

Implementing Class-Based ...

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