‘While MPLS is in itself simple, its apparent complexity lies in the proliferation of applications, which shows no signs of ceasing. To make things worse, catching up involves reading a large number of documents written by various authors at various times in various styles. Here at last is a single, all encompassing resource where the myriad applications sharpen into a comprehensible text that first explains the whys and whats of each application before going on to the technical detail of the hows.’

Kireeti Kompella, CTO Junos, Juniper Networks

‘MPLS-Enabled Applications thoroughly covers the MPLS base technology and applications on MPLS-enabled IP networks. It guides you to a comprehensive understanding of standards, problems, and solutions in networking with MPLS. Before it had been necessary to go through material from many different sources, here we have everything in one place. All the MPLS protocols are covered, as are the applications of these protocols. This should be the textbook for MPLS courses, both for training of experienced networking professionals and for universities.’

Loa Andersson, Ericsson AB and IETF MPLS working group co-chair

‘Although over ten years old, MPLS technology continues to evolve to meet the developing requirements of network operators and the advancing aspirations of network users. It is important that a book like this should continue to be updated in step with the changes to MPLS, and this new revision includes essential new material for those ...

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