Chapter 1

Introducing Programme Management: Projects, Programmes and MSP

In This Chapter

arrow Thinking about the differences between projects and programmes

arrow Discovering the key programme management terms

arrow Uncovering the structure of MSP

The term programme can have lots of different meanings in business and within organizations. Perhaps you think of a programme as a schedule in the heart of a project. Be careful if that's what your colleagues think ‒ they may consider Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) a scheduling tool! Or it can mean a set of projects, which is fine because you can use parts of MSP successfully to look after such a set. Let's call that multi-project management.

In this chapter, I explore the nature of programme management. I look at projects and programmes, building on the idea of a project to introduce the concept of a programme. I also share with you a few terms used frequently in programme management, to help you develop that all-important common vocabulary, and I have a quick look at the programme management structure as it's used in MSP.

tip.eps If you already have a ...

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