Chapter 8

Documenting the Business Case for Your Programme

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the role of the programme Business Case

arrow Knowing what goes into a Business Case

arrow Tracing the life-cycle of your Business Case

If this chapter was an Agatha Christie story, perhaps detective Hercule Poirot would start by saying: ‘Mesdames and messieurs, I ‘ave gazzered you ‘ear to uncover ze mystery of ze Business Case.’

Zis – sorry, that's enough of that – this chapter covers the Business Case for a programme, including its composition and how you use it as a communication tool and update it throughout the life of the programme.

remember.eps The purpose of a Business Case reaches beyond simply justifying the programme, as you'll discover in this chapter. If you're familiar with Business Cases, say from project management, you're sure to find the ideas in this chapter pretty straightforward.

Introducing the Case of the Business Case

The purpose of a Business Case is to:

  • Validate initiation of the programme
  • Demonstrate the on-going viability of the programme

In plain English, that means you can use the Business ...

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