Chapter 10

Planning and Controlling Your Programme

In This Chapter

arrow Moving step-by-step through the planning process

arrow Slicing your programme into tranches

arrow Taking control

arrow Working with planning documents

I can hear some of you thinking (yes, your thoughts are that loud): ‘Hey, I'm a project manager. I've been planning and controlling projects for years, and a programme is just a big project. Surely this chapter can't show me much I don't already know.’ Well, read on because I think you're going to find plenty of useful new stuff. And those of you who aren't familiar with project planning, don't worry; you don't need any prior knowledge to read this chapter.

In this chapter, I take a look at the difference between programme and project planning. I talk about how you develop the Programme Plan, how you control your programme against the Plan and how you split it into tranches(sections that can deliver a new capability to business as usual). I also discuss who deals with each of the documents associated with programme planning and control.

Contrasting Programme and Project Planning and ...

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