Chapter 7Programmable Microscopy

Tobias Haist1, Malte Hasler1, Wolfang Osten1 and Michal Baranek2

1Institute für Technische Optik, Universität Stuttgart, Germany

2Department of Optics, Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic

7.1 Introduction

Today, a huge number of imaging methods for the investigation of microscopic specimens are available and most of these methods have some parameters that will strongly affect imaging. For microscope users, it is–at least most of the time–impossible to chose the perfect combination for the imaging task at hand.

Programmable microscopy is a technique that allows one to easily switch at high speed between these different imaging methods. If we denote the imaging method by c07-math-0001 and its parameters by c07-math-0002 “optimized imaging” means that the overall set of parameters c07-math-0003 leads to the “best” suited image to a given task.

In a multi-image context we can use multiple images obtained with different parameters c07-math-0004 in order to find a good, or even perfect, imaging result. Moreover, we might use the images obtained with different parameters in order to generate one optimized ...

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