Chapter 14

Tree Domestication in Agroforestry: Progress in the Second Decade (2003–2012)

This chapter was previously published in Leakey, R.R.B., Weber, J.C., Page, T., Cornelius, J.P., Akinnifesi, F.K., Roshetko, J.M., Tchoundjeu, Z., Jamnadass, R., 2012. In: Nair, P.K., Garrity, D. (Eds.), Agroforestry – The Future of Global Land Use. Springer, USA, pp. 145–173, with permission of Springer


The second decade of agroforestry tree domestication (2003–2012) has been characterized by more detailed and intensive studies of some 16 research topics spanning many biophysical and social science disciplines, especially in clonal propagation and genetic characterization of tree-to-tree variation. Likewise, there has been substantial spread of the ...

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