10.6 Parameter Optimization

In this section, we optimize two parameters in OppCast: the forwarding range FR and threshold density ρth.

10.6.1 Optimize the Forwarding Range

As mentioned in Section 10.5.1, the goal here is to minimize the expected total number of transmissions E[NT]. Stated formally, we want to find the FR

10.7 10.7

10.8 10.8

Algorithm 10.1 Distributed OppCast algorithm running at node u
 Input: Node u receives a WM m;
 If u is in the IR of m, and m is a new packet
    If typeprevhop = forwarder and xu > xright //Enter FFD;
       If (xuxright) < the local optimal boundary range (LBR)
         Set xD = xright + LBR, xI = xright; //the RCR
         Compute Δtu and run OBCF; //potential forwarder
         If u becomes a forwarder
            Use images to compute the new local optimal boundary range;
            Set xleft = xright, xright = xu;
            Increase the one-hop zone index by 1 and broadcast m.
    If xleft < xu < xright //potential makeup
       If typeprevhop = forwarder //Initialize MFR
         Makeup node level ell = 0; sub-zone index μ = 0;
         If images, then exit;

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