List of Figures

1.1 Typical MPEG.1 encoder structure

1.2 (a) An example of an MPEG GOP of 9, N = 9, M = 3. (b) Transmission order of an MPEG GOP of 9 and (c) Display order of an MPEG GOP of 9

1.3 Two zigzag scan methods for MPEG-2 video coding

1.4 Block diagram of an H.264 encoder

1.5 Encoding processing of JPEG-2000

1.6 (a) MPEG-1 audio encoder. (b) MPEG-1 audio decoder

1.7 Relations between tools of MPEG.

1.8 Illustration of MPEG.21 DIA

2.1 Histogram example with L number of bins. (a) FLAIR MRI (brain). (b) PDF pG(g) of (a)

2.2 Example histograms with varying number of bins (bin widths). (a) 100 bins, (b) 30 bins, (c) 10 bins, (d) 5 bins

2.3 Empirical histogram and KDA estimate of two random variables, N(0, 1) and N(5, 1). (a) Histogram. (b) ...

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