A Comparison Study on Copy–Cover Image Forgery Detection

Frank Y. Shih and Yuan Yuan


16.1  Introduction

16.2  Watermarking for im Age Authentication

16.3  Image Splicing Detection

16.4  copy–cover Image Forgery Detection

16.4.1  PCA Domain Method

16.4.2  DCT Domain Method

16.4.3  Spatial Domain Method

16.4.4  Statistical Domain Method

16.5  Experimental Results

16.5.1  Robustness to JPEG Compression

16.5.2  Robustness to Gaussian Blurring

16.6  Conclusions


It was a very difficult task in old times without digital cameras and computers to create a good splicing photograph, which requires sophisticated skill of darkroom masking. Due to rapid advances in powerful image-processing software, digital images are easy ...

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