The basic thrust of this tenth edition of Multinational Financial Management (MFM) is to provide a conceptual framework within which the key financial decisions of the multinational firm can be analyzed. The approach is to treat international financial management as a natural and logical extension of the principles learned in the foundations course in financial management. Thus, it builds on and extends the valuation framework provided by domestic corporate finance to account for dimensions unique to international finance. Multinational Financial Management presumes a knowledge of basic corporate finance, economics, and algebra. However, it does not assume prior knowledge of international economics or international finance and is therefore self-contained in that respect.

MFM focuses on decision making in an international context. Analytical techniques help translate the often vague guidelines used by international financial executives into specific decision criteria. The book offers a variety of real-life examples, both numerical and institutional, that demonstrate the use of financial analysis and reasoning in solving international financial problems. These examples have been culled from the thousands of applications of corporate practice that I have collected over the years from business periodicals and my consulting practice. Scattering the best of these examples throughout the text allows students to see the value of examining decision problems with the aid ...

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