This brings us to the end of the book. I hope that it has met all your expectations concerning the understanding and operation of the CAN (controller area network) protocol and some of its new associates such as LIN, FlexRay, Safe-by-Wire Plus, MOST, IEEE 1394, etc.

Throughout these pages, I have tried to cast some light on the characteristics, the peculiarities and the strengths of these concepts which, I hope, will have aroused your enthusiasm as much as the now familiar CAN.

Sadly, a shortage of time and space has prevented a detailed discussion of other applications using all the other components available in the market. But this is only a pleasure postponed! You should be aware that the principles described in this book will enable you to understand any other application without difficulty. So do not hesitate to enter the world of controller area networks and X-by-Wire!

Some of my colleagues and I intend to present new specific applications of these buses to you before too long.

See you then!

Dominique Paret

Meudon, June 2006

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