AfterwordWinning in the Next WaveWhy Multi-Screen Marketing Is a Clarion Call for CxOs and Boards

Rick Chavez, Chief Solutions Officer, Microsoft Advertising

As the title suggests, this is a book about multi-screen marketing. It is chock full of relevant frameworks and techniques for practitioners. It’s also an important book for senior leaders, investors, and innovators who grapple with the promise and complexities of digitization.

I’d like to frame why the book should command the attention of senior leaders. But first, I need to introduce a bit of history because the first waves of digitization (mid-90s to the present) have installed some practices that aren’t particularly useful for the next wave. We need to free ourselves from the technology-centric thinking of the past and move toward a new people-centric framework. This book outlines how to do exactly that.

Then, I’d like to offer some takeaways for executives, innovators, and investors who are anchored in digital market evolution, and inspired by the blueprint the authors have so ably crafted.

Digital Market Evolution

For many of us, the dawn of the Internet was the beginning of the commercial Internet, circa 1995, symbolized by the arrival of Netscape and the introduction of digital content experienced directly by a person—in an office setting, or at home—via a browser on a desktop computer. It was an incredible time for many because of the rush toward new business models, new consumer business ideas in particular, ...

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