Appendix D. APIs

  • Function Descriptions

  • The Class java.lang.Thread

  • The Interface java.lang.Runnable

  • The Class java.lang.Object

  • The Class java.lang.ThreadLocal

  • The Class java.lang.ThreadGroup

  • Helper Classes from Our Extensions Library

  • The Class Extensions.InterruptibleThread

  • The Class Extensions.Semaphore

  • The Class Extensions.Mutex

  • The Class Extensions.ConditionVar

  • The Class Extensions.RWLock

  • The Class Extensions.Barrier

  • The Class Extensions.SingleBarrier

This appendix contains a very brief description of the Java threads API.

Function Descriptions

In the sample entry below, the method name comes first. Next are the method and argument list (sometimes there'll be two methods shown, should they be very closely related). A short paragraph describing the basic operation ...

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