Chapter 10. Details

  • Thread Groups

  • Thread Security

  • Daemon Threads

  • Daemon Thread Groups

  • Calling Native Code

  • A Few Assorted Methods

  • Deprecated Methods

  • The Effect of Using a JIT

  • APIs Used in this Chapter

  • The Class java.lang.Thread

  • The Class java.lang.ThreadGroup

In which a number of minor details are covered.

Thread Groups

A thread group is a group of threads, or more precisely, a group of threads (possibly empty) and other thread groups (also possibly empty). The raison d'être for thread groups is security. Java needs some method of allowing you to download untrusted foreign code and run it without it being able to affect the rest of your program.

The idea was that you run the foreign code in its own thread group and tell that thread group that it is not allowed ...

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