Chapter 7

Creating Your Brand

In This Chapter

arrow Defining the root of your branding and imagery

arrow Understanding the importance of the first impression before your music

arrow Optimizing your images to work for you online and off

arrow Implementing your basic branding from the start

With the advent of social media along with the importance of branding and the oversaturation of bands, it’s a very bad idea for musicians to launch online or even into a local scene without dialing in the band name, font, logo, and tagline. These are the roots of your brand for building any type of exposure, marketing presence, or engagement.

tip Define, align, and commit to the basics of your branding to make them work for you right from the start.

Understanding the Importance of Your Name

It’s only a name! Right? No, it’s all about your name! It’s the first step of connecting people to you and your music. Your name is what people Google to find your website, band bios, and tour dates. Finding the right name makes this decision-making ...

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