Chapter 12

Combining Online and Physical Marketing

In This Chapter

arrow Combining your online and physical marketing efforts effectively

arrow Building marketing materials for the future

arrow Creating marketing items that market and sell

arrow Using marketing methods for greater visibility

It’s a balancing act; your online and physical marketing need to work in harmony. Your ability to work both the online and office sides of marketing expands your reach to more people. It’s multitask marketing that gets you, your music, and your brand in front of as many people as possible to convert them to fans who buy your music, purchase your merchandise, come to your shows, and share you with others.

Cross-Marketing for Optimal Fan Reach and Sales

By mixing the right physical (offline; promotional items) marketing approaches, products, and promotions with the best posts, blogs, and online marketing angles, both aspects complement each other to allow you the farthest fan reach with the least effort and the most results.

You achieve this by having the root of your branding in place. From your color scheme to your logo, ...

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